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If you have passion for photography then by joining photography course you can turn your passion into profession or your hobby into a career. A good photograph or painting can evoke great memories. There are many unforgettable moments, occasions in one’s personal or professional life that one like to treasure and capture it, best way to keep those memories alive is with good photograph. A good photographer with knowledge of lens, aperture can capture those moments with camera. Photography is a form of art, as a true artist photographer captures feelings, emotions, beauty or details of objects in his pictures. In short photographer communicates through pictures.

At our photography institute in Mumbai, students are trained to gain knowledge of camera and there various parts, different types of camera, lenses, focal planes, shutter speeds, equipment’s, lighting, flash, filters, close up, balancing color, editing techniques, exposure techniques, maintenance of camera, preparing the portfolios, and understanding of various types of photography advertisement, commercial, fashion, landscape, nature, press, studio, wildlife.

Our photography institute focuses on theory and practical sessions on different types of digital cameras regular workshops are conducted by known professional’s  on commercial product advertising, modeling, Table Top photography and various types of photography which will enhance students  creativity, visualization and imagination level thus helping them to become thorough professional in  there interested area of photography

We provide professional photography course in Mumbai, course curriculum are diligently designed by experts with emphasize on practical trainings to enable our students to become expert and choose career in various specialization of photography such as Commercial, Fashion, Wildlife, Sports, Photojournalism etc. The objective of our course is to provide in depth knowledge, understanding about visual composition and technical skills so that our students can shoot like professional photographer and ready to work after successful completion of course.

Main features of course are Basics of Photography, Various types of cameras, knowledge of SLR Cameras, Technicalities of Focus, Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO etc, Understanding of various formats Jpeg & Raw, Knowledge of various lightings and effects, Editing, Knowledge of software’s , Live Projects and Assignments and much more

As explicit policy of our institute, we have limited number of students per batches to ensure individual attention, so that best of talent is delivered from our students.Course completion certificate will be awarded to stcurriculum udents who have successfully completed projects with adequate attendance records and passing of final exams also job placement assistance will be provided.